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How to Eat a Ruby’s Hotdog

To fully experience California, the extended family gathered  on  Huntington Beach to enjoy a Pacific Ocean sunset. I am always a little annoyed that people dare stand between my camera and my view,  but somehow those silhouettes always end up enhancing my photos, not ruining them. We were told by many we had to eat at Ruby’s Surf City Diner. […]

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Sometimes Mommas Eat Cold Food

As a single woman, I viewed motherhood through rose-colored glasses, imagining adorable, fresh-smelling cooing babies, in cute outfits. I imagined holding them, kissing them, changing them, singing to them, teaching them about Jesus. I never imagined losing sleep while holding a crying baby. I never imagined the real smell of that adorable child,  who ejected vile […]

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MM Meditation – Fear and Trembling

This Sunday’s devotion was written by Keith Trevolt III, a younger brother in the Lord whose faith and zeal have inspired my entire family. **************************Currently, intent of obtaining a solid form of employment and direction in life has led me to look into the medical field. I have had the privilege of observing a handful […]

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Christmas in California

This year my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas in one of our children’s homes.  We flew to California to celebrate with our oldest daughter, Jana, her husband and two kids. I was so excited about the occasion,  I took picture of each child greeting their older sister as they came through the doorway. Brookelyn wasn’t […]

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What Do You Buy A Blogger For Christmas?

Two of my presents this year proved to me that a few people are reading and understanding my blog enough to retaliate my sense of humor. From follower Amy, the granddaughter of Gramma Alice of the spritz cookie recipe, I received this wonderful wallhanging for the kids’ bathroom. “Changing the Toilet Paper Roll Will Not Cause any Brain Damage”  is […]

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Delighted with the Garden d’Lights in Bellevue

For a Christmas adventure toured the  GARDEN d’LIGHTS  at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens with friends. Thousands of volunteers create and set up fairy-tale scenery. My pictures are amateur, but capture a little of the beauty we enjoyed as we meandered on garden paths, oohing and aahing at the artwork, the creativity, and beauty displayed for our enjoyment. Last […]

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Three Times Wasn’t a Charm

The Spritz cookie dough I made in October needed to make a baked appearance.  I had been in the kitchen all day and was determined to finish the day’s projects. I thawed the dough and gathered my supplies. My favorite cookie press, the electric one that can spit out cookies faster than I can load the dumb […]

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Christmas Every Day

Making My Home Sing is the theme for Monday hosted by the blog Moms the Word. Monday begins the final week before Christmas.  As the countdown gets closer, kids’ anticipation rises in the same proportion as their moms’ anxiety.  Most of us are wondering how Christmas always sneaks up on us, no matter how early we begin our plans.  When […]

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