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Mystery Weekend in Langely

Two friends and I decided to leave the comforts of the city – rush hour traffic, houses so close we hear noises from our neighbors we would rather not hear, demanding jobs and the incessant buzz of sirens, traffic ‘copters, dogs, and my six children – for the peace of Whidbey Island for a cozy […]

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I’m a Good Gramma, I am!

We were gathered for a nice three generation outing for coffee. I was relishing the time with my daughters and my favorite well-behaved granddaughter. I think Brookie felt left out drinking milk from a sippy cup while we were all enjoying coffee concoctions. I also think she was getting a little bored while we talked, […]

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21 Days, But Who Was Counting???

After 21 days, the much-awaited phone call from my endocrinologist’s medical assistant FINALLY came. However, I was in a very busy and loud coffee shop, and despite stepping out into a quieter area, it was hard to understand when the assistant read portions of the letter she would be sending out the next day. Somehow, […]

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Patterns of Snow

February 9th we woke up to yet another PNW surprise – snow. We loved the White Christmas, we vaguely enjoyed the next few snows, but in February we’re feeling a little less tolerant. After all, many of us are planting spring flowers – the favored primroses. Still, we pause to embrace the moment. We take […]

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In my vast experience in parenting, 21 years and 8 months today, I have endured a great amount of whining, fussing, complaining, begging, demanding and pleading from my six children. To combat their weapons of self-interest and self-absorption, I established a few simple rules. I did have their higher interests in mind, but also my […]

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Converse of the Angle Bisector Conjecture

Geometry doesn’t come easily for Grace. It’s a given that she’s brilliant, she’s in the Gifted and Talented Program in our homeschool, P.J. Academy, but it can be downright challenging for this child of mine to grasp different tools and use them for solving problems. She can hardly handle a pencil, let alone a compass,  a […]

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