Archive | March, 2009

The Longest Day

Last Friday, we drove Grace to a Bible camp for a weekend retreat. We left about 1:30 pm, hoping to avoid the I-5 traffic. Who were we kidding? You people from WA already have knowing knots in your tummy. I said “Friday” and “I-5” in the same sentence. I was faced with a hard decision. […]

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Blizzard Hits PNW

Like every other Sunday morning, I was trying to hurry and get ready so we wouldn’t be late. Somehow, shuffling everybody through the bathrooms, finding all Lost Things and making everyone eat Something for Breakfast, is still a challenge after 23 years of experience. So, when I noticed the blizzard outside my windows, (I use […]

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Killing Me Softly

There is one downside of teaching my kids to cook – they end up cooking. And, they end up cooking things I shouldn’t be eating. Bethany made these delicious cookies…can’t you just smell the chocolate? Can’t you just imagine the chocolate smears on your face after eating one of these beauties? She made these cookies, […]

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