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The REST of the story

My neighbor, Kelly-Across-the-Street, just wrote her version of the Kelly and Mindy’s Most Horriblest, Wonderfulest Day. You will love reading, as Paul Harvey used to say, the REST of the story. Today Kelly and I enjoyed playing and weeding together and taught the kids how to play with roly–polys. Once Norah fell over and it […]

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Answered Prayer

The other morning I was so overcome with the beauty and the preciousness of answered prayer that I wept. I had been rejoicing in the news since Monday, but the perfectness of how the prayers were answered didn’t strike me until a few days later. I had a quick visit with Dr. M. on Monday, […]

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Momma Mindy and Monkey at the Hospital

Rise and Shine! We were up at 4:30 so I could take my doctor ordered shower to remove all traces of my false beauty; the makeup, deodorant, lotions, moisturizers, scent, fingernail polish. Monkey With No Name is wearing her new outfit we bought just for this day and I packed my pink monkey pj’s in […]

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While He was in There…

Update:This is the beautiful letter Scott sent out by email yesterday morning. We awoke at 4:30 am, shagged the in-laws out of bed, woke up beka, and in short order we were off to the hospital and arrived at about 6:00 am. They prepped us, we visited with the surgeon, and at about 7:15 I […]

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