Archive | May, 2009

Gramma’s Little Monkey Visits the Pet Store

This video is just in case anybody wants to see how my very gifted grandchild acted in the pet store on Saturday. Sorry, Gramma isn’t the gifted program for videography, especially when people walk in front of my camera. Like, duh!?! I thought it was adorable that she knows the signs for bird and […]

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Scott and I spend a lot of our nights sitting at baseball games, cheering on our son. To be more accurate, I spend a lot of time crouching down in the dirt, balancing on my high heels, holding my telephoto lens between the crisscrossed wires of the chain link fence, trying to capture The Perfect […]

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Brookie’s Reluctant Sign Language Exhibition My kids never performed when I wanted them to. They could know all the animal sounds, the aphabet song, memory verses and other amazing feats. But, when you pulled out the video camera, called Gramma or had an expectant audience waiting, that’s what you did – waited for the performance and tried to enduce […]

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Scott and Mindy Visit Doc M

Our final follow-up visit with the surgeon, Doc M, was this morning. I asked Scott to be the photographer. I don’t think I really knew what I was getting myself into. The wait was pretty long. Scott was starting to get antsy. We began joking if he could bill the doctor for the time he […]

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