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Trying to PACE not PUSH

At first I was rejoicing that I was so soon back the swing of things after my Monday, April 13 thryoid cancer surgery. I left the hospital Tuesday noon, that evening I went to son Jon’s baseball game and took pictures. He had another game the next night. I did enjoy being cared for by […]

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Brayden Chillin’ Out

This was NOT a posed picture. This was my grandson, Brayden, shortly after birth, stretching out, chillin‘ out and enjoying the heat waves on the warming table. He was warmer than a three hour old McDonald’s hamburger. This is still his favorite position. Contrary to all those expensive, glossy-covered, child-rearing books, this little guy does […]

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Testing the Waters

Scott and I were thrilled to watch our granddaughter, Brookelyn, visit the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Like all kids, her first steps of independence were away from her parents, Jana and Aaron. As soon as they set her down, she ran and splashed farther and farther away from her adoring parents. And, like […]

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The Man Pack

On Saturday morning my husband and I were up early to prepare to leave for a mini family vacation. He helped and when he was ready to go he said, “I have my keys, my cell phone, my wallet and I am ready to go.” I was astounded and impressed. Our normal routine when Daddy […]

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Princess Amazing Grace

It was going to be Grace’s Big Night. She was attending the Celebration Dinner to celebrate the end of another great year of homeschooling high school. Well, that’s what the Moms are celebrating, the daughters just want a chance to dress like a Princess. Grace had been Princess preparing for weeks. She altered a beautiful […]

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I Found My Missing Lipstick

The perfect lipstick issue is a big deal. You can spend a lot of time in the store gazing at tubes, wondering which one is that perfect color for you. The color that will instantly transform you from a tired, kid-goobie stained mother into a fresh, exciting, young woman. It has to be just the […]

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FLASHBACK – Rebekah’s First Birthday

September 24th, 2003 – Rebekah Joy turns 1 These are the oldest digital pics I have stored on my computer. It doesn’t mean they are the oldest I took, they are the oldest that have remained despite kids “editing/losing” them and my new computer crashing three times in six months last year. We were celebrating […]

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