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The first time I ever heard the term was when one of my adorable nephews was whining and my sister-in-law, Susan, was urging him to quit. She leaned over from the kitchen sink, looked into his frumped out face surrounded by blond curls and said, “Take a CHILL PILL!” . I thought it was hysterically […]

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Things You Don’t See in my PNW Neighborhood

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest five years ago, I was astounded with the differences after living in the Midwest the majority of my life. The people, attitudes, food, climate, traffic, values (and/or lack of), traditions, thoughts, clothing…..everything was different. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, but always different. I fumbled through the new world, planning routes […]

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Leavenworth in May

After five years of living in Washington, I have to admit, I still initially shudder when I first hear “Leavenworth.” I lived in Kansas for seven years, long enough to realize there is a reason to shudder when you hear that name. According to the Kansas city’s website, “Leavenworth and the word “prison” have been […]

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Topless Woman at the Beach

To celebrate the 4th of July, we went to the beach. I was extremely relaxed packing for ONLY two kids, since two have moved out and two are working at Bible camps for the summer. Daughter Jana and husband Aaron, however, found it a little challenging to pack for TWO kids, adjusting to the increased […]

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Brookie Meets Baby Bubba

All during my daughter’s pregnancy, she and her husband, Aaron, explained to their daughter, Brookelyn, that Mommy’s growing tummy held a baby. She didn’t seem to get it. If you asked her where the baby was, she always pointed to her own tummy. After the sonogram revealed Brookie was to have a baby brother, they […]

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