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An Older Woman’s Wisdom – Connie

This morning I was just going through my files, sorting through medical records, articles from magazines, love notes from my kids, birthday cards, catalogues and endless piles of scribbled notes. Before I carried a journal EVERYWHERE I go, and I mean, EVERYWHERE, I filled manilla file folders with thoughts scribbled on napkins, scraps of paper, […]

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My Life Has Become a Gameshow

Whether it is caused by the fact that I have six kids, have a daily amount of stress and chaos, am on artificial thyroid hormone after losing my thyroid to cancer, or am a natural blonde, I have a serious problem remembering things. Important things, like my kids’ names, my married name and anything I […]

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Cell-Phone Life Coach for Poddy Training

Scott and I had been having a discussion about our older children and their respective life challenges. Our oldest was going through big life changes with their move to CA and her husband beginning school. The three middle kids are deciding on college, relationships, and finances. The youngest one is scraping her knees and losing […]

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I can finally cross this project off my list of good intentions! The original idea came from my daughter Jana’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Benson, but she used white frosting tubs. Each week they highlighted a letter of the alphabet and the kids brought items for the jar. I loved the idea of having see-through […]

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Them’s Fighting Words!

At a busy intersection in Helena, Montana, I found myself stopped behind this Honda at a red light. I gasped outloud. I had never been so offended by a license plate frame in my whole life. I couldn’t believe they would even SELL such a license frame to ANYONE… ….except me. While I was fuming, […]

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Happy Deer Family

Beautifully Montana Mommy Deer Doe, a deer, a female deer. I love the sagebrush, too. Handsome Daddy Deer That’s a four-point BUCK! Can you count to four? I could see the velvet on the antlers. Amazing. Confident that I was non-threatening, he began grooming himself. I HEARD him do this. What a totally male thing […]

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Picnic at Hellgate

This is what you do when you want to go on a picnic. We knew we needed some sun for the teenage girls, some shade for the older generations, some water for splashing and wading for the younger kids, good food, rocks to pick and scenery to admire. We chose to drive up Hellcreek Gulch […]

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Emptying Nest Syndrome

A few times this summer, it has been quiet around my house. Really quiet. Too quiet? I don’t know. I guess over the past 22 years of parenting, I had forgotten what quiet sounds like. The first time we experienced that quiet was when our older two moved out the fall of 2007. Jana, to […]

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