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Sermon in the Shadows

Since I’ve moved to the PNW, I’ve learned to love shadows. I think I just took them for granted living in the Midwest. Because the sun was almost always out, so was my shadow. In an area where you don’t see the sun for an average of 226 days out of the year, your shadow […]

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Preparing for Christmas in October

Desiring that magazine-perfect Christmas, I invited Kelly-Across-the-Street to make Christmas cookie dough for the freezer. That way, we’ll be  ready for baking Christmas cookies with little ones who will spill and eat the frosting and decorative sprinkles, have to go poddy  after you’ve washed your hands for the fourth time, or confide something important the minute you turn the mixer […]

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Everyone, especially women, adores love stories with the Happily Ever After Ending. They have this fairy tale idea that the Happy Ever After automatically begins right after the honeymoon.       We’ve all heard the saying “The Honeymoon’s Over.” That saying isn’t without cause. When the wedding planning, the ceremony and the honeymoon are […]

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Vengeance is Grammas

The following was written before I even became a Gramma. It was a good thing I had the foresight to plan ahead, I became a Gramma soon after this. When times are stressful around the house and the teenagers and tweeners and tots are driving us crazy, my husband and I like to plot our […]

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My Hubby, My Hero

Last night we had company for dinner, a classmate of Bethany’s the family hadn’t met before. Turned out, she is my age and very astute. We chatted while kids finished setting table, then sat down to eat dinner together. My husband paused the conversation casually to give thanks for the food. After the amen our […]

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She Had a Another Dream

Amazing Grace had a dream. It was a real “I’m asleep and stuff is going on in my head” kinda’ dream, not an “I’m awake but I am imagining how I can change the world” kinda’ dream. She was sleeping. She dreamed something. Then, she woke up with a passion to follow the dream. Grace […]

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