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MM Meditation – A Good Father

(written Dec. 16, 2005) Trials seem to be the path for Christian maturity. Some trials in our lives are consequences from sin or a bad decision. If you drive impaired, you may get in an accident and harm yourself or others. If you don’t study diligently, you may not succeed in your studies. If you abuse your body […]

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Plans for an Unplanned Journey

Six years ago, we left 40 years of midwest living  and moved to the westcoast.  It was a planned journey. Very planned. We packed, organized, gave away things. We sold our house and arranged to rent a new one.  I returned all my friends’ Tupperwares, my daughters returned their friends’ clothes. We even returned our […]

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Are You A Prude?

Proverbs 19:14, “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD.” Because prudent is not a word we use on a daily basis anymore, the spiritual richness  of our womanly heritage  can be lost without careful study.  When we hear “prudent” we often think of “prude.” This is the world’s mocking label for a woman […]

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So…day vent ice fishin’, ya know

If you read carefully, following the given directions, you will find yourself delightfully speaking the vernacular of northern Minnesota.  Warning:  It’s addicting. FUR SHUR. DIRECTIONS:  1. If the letters are capitalized, speak a little louder, with a slight accent. 2. If the letters are hyphenated, draw it out. 3.  When vowels are long, they are […]

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Everything HAD A Place….

for about six hours. I worked diligently, almost obsessively,  all weekend to bring order to my kitchen and dining room.  I stayed up late, since hubby was out of town,  to finish and start the week with a fresh new look. I wanted everything to have a place and everything be in its place for my new week. […]

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Who DOES Your Toes?

Awhile back, a new acquaintance paid me a sincere compliment. “Ooh, I love your toes! Who did your toes?” I had to admit, the cranberry crème was looking pretty nice sticking out in my patent leather, silver-buckled sandals, but her gracious comment proved she hadn’t known me longer than 15 minutes. I wanted to laugh […]

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Through the Car Window Glass – WASHINGTON

I experienced culture shock when the Lord moved our family of eight to the Pacific Northwest from the midwest nearly six years ago.  I kept reminding myself that since I moved within the same country and I spoke the same language, it really shouldn’t be that hard.  I imagined the pioneer women in their covered wagons and told myself […]

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