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The Gifts of Cancer

I went for my second thyrogen shot to prepare myself for a thyroid uptake scan and came back with the Gifts of Cancer. I was met by Judy, an older woman whose beauty and light wrinkles dwelt together in such unity, it made me instantly think that aging couldn’t be so bad, if I could age like her. The vibrancy of her […]

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Gethsemane Moments

After 22 days of low-iodine diet, I was finally ready for the next diagnostic step. The night before, I felt that heavy weight that burdens my heart when I know I am facing something hard. This week of testing will determine treatment for my third round of thyroid cancer. I call them my Gethsemane moments. I would love for the cancer cup […]

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MM Meditation – Obedient Sea

Mark 4 35 On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.” 36 Now when they had left the multitude, they took Him along in the boat as He was. And other little boats were also with Him. 37 And a great windstorm arose, […]

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The Lord Works at Target

Sometimes the Lord speaks in a loud voice.  As the Scriptures speak to us, we clearly hear His guidance and direction.  There is no doubt in our minds. Sometimes He speaks in a quiet whisper.  Something spiritual we have stored up in the treasurehouse of our hearts, rekindles and whispers its message back to us. […]

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A Pilgrimage in Pain

A few weeks ago, my husband fulfilled a painful journey he had planned in his heart for several months. We brought along our company from North Dakota, Tom and Janet. He typed the address in the GPS and drove through  highways and byways. We arrived. We ordered. We agonized. The words on this plaque barely begins to bring the homage due […]

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