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Off With the Old, In With the New

Clothed In ChristPart One in a Series***** I don’t like getting rid of my old clothes.  I like them.  They’re comfortable.   Usually, I don’t get rid of something until someone else says something.  “Mom, did you know that was Jana’s shirt when she was a freshmen in high school?” She is now married with two kids.  […]

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Sumthin’ Outta’ Nuttin’

If there is one thing I learned working with Florence at Box T Bible and Saddle Camp, you can make sumthin’ outta’ nuttin’ in the kitchen. Along with her husband, Lewellyn, they used their ranch in the middle of North Dakota as a Bible Camp for many decades. They were loved for their love for the Lord, and their […]

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MM Meditation – Isaiah, the Master Painter

Today the devotional was written by a dear friend in the Lord, Max Johnson. *********************************** Let’s take a long walk together down through the centuries and sit in on an art class.  The artist is the Holy Spirit; and He has a student by the name of Isaiah, who is gretting ready to paint a […]

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Waking Up In Heaven

Years ago, I was holding my precious baby Rebekah during the Sunday morning meeting we call Remembrance Meeting. Honoring the Lord’s dying request, we gather to worship and remember that our Savior shed His blood for us. Thoughts are shared from the Scriptures, prayers  are offered, and hymns are sung. It is a sweet, beautiful time of humble […]

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216 Days Until…

…Thanksgiving. Yes, I am counting the days until Thanksgiving.  In fact, in honor of counting the days until other momentous occasions I have in my life, I added a “How Many Days Until” Gadget on my sidebar.  Go ahead, help yourself.  Drop by and use it whenever you need. I’m a good sharer. You’re probably wondering […]

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My Stomach Benefits, My Stove Suffers

People often say to me, “You’re SO lucky your kids can cook!” They seem to think it was a genetic predisposition that brought my kids into the kitchen to cook and create, dream and destroy. I’m not always given credit for teaching them, wiping up after them, forfeiting my right to have any set of glasses […]

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Didja’ Know Horses Preach?

My daughter, Bethany and I, were taking a spring walk with friends Lauren and Susan. It was a glorious day with sunshine, friendship, fellowship, and a surprise visit with some friendly horses. Everything in nature speaks of the Lord’s mighty power in Creation and His mighty power in Redemption. He is the Author of both. […]

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Why Do Mommies Yell?

Yesterday, I blogged about the value of having Christian friends we can entrust with our deepest secrets and struggles.  Friends that can hear the words, “I yelled at my kids today” and give us Biblical advice and not gossip about our confidences. 1.  Mommies yell when they aren’t dealing with their own problems well.  Maybe […]

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