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Beka’s Smooth Path of Life

It began with staining the deck. We moved into some spray paint. Little succulents were artistically planted. Then, we took one weather worn child-sized bench from a garage sale, and added one enthusiastic 7 year-old girl who was excited to have her own project. We want the kids to feel that sense of accomplishment, when they are […]

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And It Was Good

Last November, in the middle of a winter sunbreak, I pinched off little pieces of my succulents and tucked them into potting soil. I thought this looked great just as it was,  but they were starts for  creating other arrangements. They hadn’t grown as much as I thought. But they still had promise, and beauty. […]

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Spray Paint Gospel Message

I don’t wanna work all summer, all momma’s need play time, so I enlist help from my kids. It’s not just for my relief, but for their benefit. I don’t want to send helpless people into the world. I had many items that needed to be spray painted. Good job for a 14 year old […]

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Tackling the Deck

Every summer begins the same way. We tackle the deck.  Like a high maintanence woman, it always needs something. It has to be touched up, fixed up and/or nailed up. Running the length of my house on the second story, it is glorious extra square footage to a home that always seems too small for my […]

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MM Meditation – The God of Perfect Order

I love reading through Proverbs 8, as I get a first hand experience of the pre-incarnate Christ creating the World in perfect order. Did you ever think that if the animals were created before the plants, they would have nothing to eat?  If the fish were created before the firmament was divided, they would have […]

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Sometimes I’m A Bad Mommy

Sometimes, I’m a bad Mommy. Sometimes, I let the kids eat ice cream before dinner. Sometimes, I let the kids eat ice cream instead of dinner. Sometimes, I buy a new toy, even though it isn’t their birthday, or Christmas, or any holiday. Sometimes, I get  so excited, I run outside in my socks. Sometimes, I […]

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I’ve Never Been Off Road Before!

She can fit smugly into the smallest parking spot, between the worst parkers in suburbia. She can haul bags and bags of groceries bravely to my home. She can tolerate the rare summer sun scorching her interior, when her hard shell is at home. She can weave in an out of rush-hour traffic with the skill […]

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Adventure Day With Daddy

I am a prophetess.  This is an email I sent to my daughter on a Friday evening. beth,today we are just gunna go out for an adventure. ya’ know dad. put some stuff in the van. bring a book. pay too much money at a gas station for food you shouldn’t be eating.  drive until you […]

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At the beginning of the summer I initiate a plan to keep the kids from saying, “Mom, I’m Bored!” Each kid made a list of exciting things they wanted to accomplish during the summer. It’s called The Summer List. One  sunny day, when those dreaded words were dancing on their tongues, we checked out the […]

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MM Meditation – Beholding His Glory

John 1:14 “We beheld His glory.” The first time I saw an original Monet, it was in an art gallery on the East coast.  They treated me like royalty, as if my mere presence proved my divine taste in art. A girl who grew up in Montana admiring Charles M. Russell, I was being exposed to a whole […]

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