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This Chick met the Sister Chick

I was privileged to meet Sister Chick  Robin Jones Gunn at a writers’ conference in Oregon months ago.  In rereading my notes from her messages, I was so refreshed, I wanted to pass on her encouragement. You might not dream of becoming published, but you all have dreams of using your talents and abilities to […]

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Company Only Company Towels

After 25 years of marriage, our love is strong, but our towels are trashed. Nothing lasts like they used to, especially when the towels are used inside, outside,  and at the beach. They are taken to Bible camp, and if they return, they are never in the same shape. They have been stained by make-up and make-up remover, […]

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Dirty Socks, Dirty Hearts

Like many Type A Moms, I like to plan ahead. I like to make lists. I like to be organized. I like to remember everything. I like to plan things that make life not just organized, but special. When traveling as a new Mom, I easily figured out I had to do conquer Mount Washmore just prior to packing. Do laundry too soon, […]

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mommy quotes

Even since the invention of Mother’s Day, and probably before that, Moms have been sentimentalized and gushed over.  I love seeing all the DEAR MOTHER paraphenlia in antique stores.  Ornate satin pillows with heavy fringe,with  mushy gushy poems about Their Dear Mother, the equally ornate cross stitch wallhangings, the cards that are so gushy you wonder […]

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Not a Mini-Me

This blog was inspired after reading my daughter’s blog, an honest reflection about the ways she’s like me and the ways she isn’t. I realized we’ve been tugging on opposite sides of this struggle in life from the very beginning. The best advice my Lamaze coach gave me when I was pregnant with my first […]

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Prairie Photographer

While on vacation this summer, I drove by Prairie Petals, traveled down a  Prairie Path, relived Prairie Pain, and gave my friend, Janet, a Prairie Pedicure. We’ve traveled through tears, tares and turds, horse, that is.Today we tackle Prairie Photography. When I was rebuying maternity clothes and a new diaper bag at 38, with my precious […]

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