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My Heart is Broken

I hate cancer. I love, honor and serve my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,and understand and accept His plan, but I hate cancer. RivkA and I met through a mommy cancer blog, and like many, I was drawn to her. When she asked me to write for Mothers Living with Cancer, I was excited and […]

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Makin’ A List, Praying More Than Twice

The other day I blogged about a few small ways my husband and I keep ourselves afflicted with HONEYMOONITIS. The same day, a bloggy friend, Bevy, also blogged about her husband. (His name is also Scott, so please don’t be confused.) I appreciate her faith, her heart for the Lord, and her adorable children.But, she taught […]

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Didja’ Ask?

For festive occasions, I bought an adorable Wilton cupcake stand. With my 40% off Michael’s coupon, it was a great deal. Everything looks better on this stand. I think it even tastes better, too. The food, not the stand. It promised to make all my parties and occasions more festive, more fun, more memorable. Then, I lost […]

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Touches of Love

When we were first married, my husband and I determined to not get over HONEYMOONITIS. People often made rude comments and jeered about “the honeymoon being over,” as if the love and joy would end as soon as we unpacked from the honeymoon. Even Christians occasionally gave us the idea that the love would change so […]

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Doin’ One Thing At a Time

I have finally admitted something to myself. I will always be busy. I will never have a slow time. Not just because the demands of life make me busy, I want to be busy. Even if I could finish everything on my list I will just make another one, or two or three. I cannot […]

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Do Parents Know Best?

In September, TodayMoms had a parenting expert on their show.  Her premise was that Parents Do Not Know Best when it comes to raising their children. From the article, “Clinical psychologist Belisa Vranich sat down with Ann Curry and author and comedian Finesse Mitchell this morning to discuss the question and offered an unconventional opinion: Vranich […]

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I am a little intolerant when my children whine,  “Do I have to?”   after I ask them to do something.  A smile, a verbal acknowledgement  and a prompt act of obedience is what I want to see. Not a tantrum. (Yea, it was posed. Beka was laughing so hard, she had to duck her head.) […]

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