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Be Thou Exalted

We love to sing, pray and proclaim the Lord to be exalted in our lives. We also know the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak.  Sometimes, our bodies have a hard time living up to  what the lips are saying. With convicting accuracy, A.W. Tozer mentions a few areas of our lives to evaluate, so we can […]

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This Too Shall Pass

I’ve loved sharing the bite-sized nuggets of wisdom from our godly, older friend, John Dabill. We began our little feast by tasting, “take it from the Lord.” We moved on to the tasty morsel called, “leave it with the Lord.” The finale in the spiritual feast of simple wisdom is “this too shall pass.”   […]

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Leave It With the Lord

Yesterday, I introduced the concept of Bite-Sized Bible Nuggets, breaking down the wisdom of a godly, older man into three of his  basic bite-sized pieces of  Biblical advice. I began with “take it from the Lord.” Today, we need to take another bite-sized nugget and chew on “leave it with the Lord.” As Christians, we […]

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Take It From the Lord

Instructions need to be broken down into simple bites we can easily digest. When my husband purchased a new sewing machine for me, the instruction manual was SO complicated, I couldn’t use it.  I have been sewing for 40 years,  but the words were unintelligible.  I had to drive to the place of purchase with my machine and […]

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