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His Eye is On the Sparrow

I now understand why older people remember past years so well. They mark them with trials and tribulations. We are now those people who categorize their life events  as before, after or during certain trials, like The Winter with 117 Inches of Snow, followed by the Flood of ’97, Miscarriage, 3 Moves in 3 Summers, The Year We […]

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On Monday, February 14th,when most of the world was enjoying cards, chocolates and flowers, a believer very dear to us was arrested on  false charges, and locked up in jail. He’s looking at 2 to 60 years for a crime he didn’t commit.We were quickly thrown into the real world, where Christians can be falsely accused, their Constitutional rights denied, and […]

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Our Anchor is Holding

During this past week of severe testing, we have been upheld by His victorious right arm. Each day we wake with our ever-present trial, and His ever-present help. When we again are stopped by another block in the road, He helps us to climb over, walk around, go through or dig under. He has gone […]

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When it Rains, it Pours

The other day, I blogged on about my broken heart. Today, I’m reminded – When it Rains, it Pours. I was gathered at the kitchen table with my two youngest children, praying at the exact time prayer was needed  for our initial, heart-breaking trial. The phone rang. Another serious  was born that our family would have to endure. […]

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Love, Flowers, Chocolates, and Tears

On Valentine’s Day, we love to celebrate love. We love to celebrate with flowers. I celebrated with flowers. My husband of almost 25 years makes sure they’re a part of our yearly tradition. Last year I had the energy to write a truly romantic post. We love to celebrate with special treats. I celebrated with special treats.  […]

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Crooked Places Made Straight

Over the holidays I was having some troubles. My candles were all crooked, leaning over like an ol’ woman. They looked ridiculous and I was afraid they would spill wax on the gorgeous table-runner my little sister quilted for me. Yea, she’s in her 40’s, but she’s still little to me. I found this gem, […]

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What Josephus Had to Say About Prodigals

Just say the word “prodigal” in a room of Christian parents and you’ll see eyes film over and lips quiver.  One of the greatest heartache of believing parents is having children who forsake the Lord. This isn’t a problem common only to our generation. As long as there have been children, there have been prodigals.  Adam and Eve know […]

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