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Cut and Paste is Amazing Functionality

I just learned something. I tried coping pictures from Facebook, and surprisingly, it worked.  copy (right click on mouse, copy) and paste (control v)  This is one of my favorite pics of granddaughter, Brookelyn. Grandson Brayden is smirking about driving without a license. Jana and Grace are comparing bellies.  Guess which one has a baby in it? […]

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Sportin’ Minnie Pearl Type Faith

A few weeks ago, daughter Bethany insisted on taking me shopping.  For clothes. I generally don’t like shopping, unless I am going to a thrift store to look for anything vintage or any dishes from the ….ummmm…..errrr……..aahhhhhh……”several” sets of dishes  I am collecting. I especially don’t like shopping for clothes.  I especially don’t like shopping […]

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Are You a Brawling Woman?

A “brawling woman” sounds like someone who had a few too many barley pops at the local tavern and is giving out knuckle sandwiches. The Lord isn’t describing a Christian wife, is He? If “brawling” doesn’t indicate a bar fight, let’s look into the meaning. “Contentious” is the word chosen in New KJV translation. NIV  […]

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When Cheerios are Comfort Food

Weeks after the grandkids visited in November, I found a precious reminder Brayden left behind. I opened the drawer to my vintage coffee table, and there was a snack he was saving. I left them there. They reminded me of my sweet little man-cub, Bubba. Wouldn’t ya’ know, when he came back months later, he […]

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MM Meditation – Scorners Tell Him to Come Down

During Sunday morning worship a few months ago, we were singing the beautiful old hymn, “Nailed Upon Golgotha’s Tree” and meditating upon the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the lines says, “Scorners tell Him to come down,Claim His kingdom and His crown.” I continued to meditate on this thought for several days. The suffering of […]

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It’s BRRRaseBRRall S-S-S-Season

Baseball season has officially started.  We sat through our first game on Thursday night, and barely escaped hypothermia. Sitting on cold metal bleachers from 8 -10pm proves some serious dedication from parents. We could see our breath. I haven’t seen my breath more than a few times since we moved from the North Dakota/Minnesota border. I […]

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The New Improved Me

Early in parenting, I had a hard time discerning when my kids were “naughty” and when they were “just being  kids.” To me, it all seemed naughty. Smearing Vaseline all over my bathroom? naughty Shaking a whole container of baby powder around the green shag carpeting? naughty Biting baby brother’s toes and leaving a dental imprint? naughty […]

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