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Doing the Poddy Dance

Today at lunch time, someone was discretely doing the poddy dance. Ya’ know, that little side to side motion done while sitting on a chair? As if jiggling the bladder will magically make all the stuff go away. The sitting motions aren’t as obvious as the standing motions. That can be ridiculously embarrassing, especially if they add their […]

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MM Meditation – Not a Fairy Tale

The resurrection of Christ and the fact of the empty tomb  are not a part of this world’s complex and continuing mythologies. This is not a Santa Claus tale- it is history and it is a reality! The true church of Jesus Christ is necessarily founded  upon the belief and the truth that there was […]

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Why is Mothering So Hard?

For years we  primarily looked after ourselves. Yes, we served others, but in the timing and way WE chose.   Some of us taught Sunday school, Bible studies or worked with youth groups.  We might have babysat, worked with Daily Vacation Bible school or a kids Bible club ministry.  We might have even been very, very active […]

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One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus!

Mondays aren’t my favorite day of the week, I have to admit.  I’ve admitted it before, I’ll admit it again.  Monday can have a  bit of an icky feel to it. Monday means I am facing another week of homeschooling, softball, baseball, laundry, housework, yard work and three meals a day.  I am usually starting out with […]

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