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No Ugly Mommies

“Random thought: If there are no ugly babies it stands to reason that there can be no ugly mothers.” I wish I could take credit for this beautiful logic, but this quote is from Antique Mommy…a woman only slightly older than myself, who is thankfully and joyously parenting a young child in her older age, just […]

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MM Meditation – Yea and Amen!

I Corinthians 1:20, “For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.” “Yea” – this King James word  is now a part of modern vocabulary, pronounced slightly differently, but used the same. It’s a word those around young people often hear…..YEAH…slang….We are constantly trying […]

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The Tale of Three Hammers

Some things never change. This is how my Dad’s tool bench has basically always looked. The vise is the same.  The pegboard is the same. The grinder is the same. Every house we’ve lived in, whether Dad’s workbench was in the basement or out in the garage, it’s looked like this. These green containers with Dad’s […]

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The Voice of Vicodin

A few short hours after I returned from the hospital Friday morning, the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal began, an annual writing conference sponsored by Northwest Christian Writers Association. With adrenalin and caffeine, I jumped into my day  fulfilling some responsibilities I volunteered for, including chauffeuring our guest speaker, Dr. Robert Cornuke. A Biblical adventurer and investigator, founder […]

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It’s Always Well With My Soul

I’ve often wondered how people without Jesus make it through life. I especially wonder how they make it through trials. I know they won’t make it through death into eternal life. Friday, the day after my brother’s cardiac arrest, I skipped lunch at my writer’s conference to go visit him. I stopped at the information […]

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A Trying Moment for Momma Mindy

When I named my blog  “Momma Mindy’s Moments” it was for two reasons: 1.  I love alliteration2.  I wanted to capture how the Lord was working in my life, moment by moment.  I wanted to encourage my readers to find Jesus everywhere…. …in the midst of poddy-training…in the midst of home schooling…in the midst of […]

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Why Do I Write?

Because the words scream in my head until I write them down. I need to write for me. The words burn in my soul… They nag me with silent proddings… They won’t stop speaking to me until I release them into letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.The ideas, the thoughts, the verses, the solution, the questions, the […]

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April Showers….

 …brought a lot of crabby spirits…. a lot of puddles… a lot of cold days…. a lot of weeds… I couldn’t sit out on deck in morning with my coffee and my Bible.  I couldn’t put out the cushions for the deck furniture.  I couldn’t sit through a baseball or softball game without a hat, mittens, […]

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