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What Are The Signs Saying?

Billboards and signs along the Interstate can preach a mighty message. The person paying for the advertising wants results. They want you to buy the right product, participate in the right activity, or show the right moral character. Advertisers know well how to appeal to the thoughts, beliefs and priorities of a region. We saw various […]

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It’s Not a MESSAGE in the Lord’s Bottle…

We’ve all had those nights when worries, fears, regrets, terrors, frustrations, longings,  and pain rob us of our faith, peace, and sleep. The Lord knows the human heart well. He looks down with tenderness and specifically penned words to assure us He undersands. How poetic, how humbling, that the God of the Universe, the Creator, the Father of […]

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Want to Make Garbage Bars for Desert?

I told my family I was going to make Garbage Bars for desert. My lovely daughter, Grace, protested. “Mom, they’re supposed to be called Seven Layer Bars, not Garbage Bars.” But,  I thought my name more aptly described the leftovers in opened bags that had somehow eluded nibbling, craving, snitching fingers in my pantry.    Oh, and I […]

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North Dakota Girl at Heart

In my heart, I’m a North Dakota girl.  I was born in Valley City, ND and graduated from… (with high school best friend, Janet Schill) and attended college at in Grand Forks. GO FIGHTING SIOUX!   Three of my children were born in Fargo, #1, #5 and #6.  In between I’ve moved around, but have […]

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Praying friends, please pray with me today for the  Innocent Man. If you’ve been reading my blog since Valentine’s Day, you might know that a dear Christian brother has been falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. He’s looking at 12 to 60 years in jail. (12 years was the initial plea bargain offered […]

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Two Brides, Two Bridegrooms

I experienced a very special day with two brides and two bridegrooms. And, no, it wasn’t a double-wedding. There isn’t a more beautiful God-ordained union than the marriage of a man and a woman. From the beginning, God planned for two lives to completely entwine with His, making a cord of three. Genesis 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave […]

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It’s Always Worth the Wait…

Last week I blogged about waiting. Then, I blogged about still waiting. We don’t like to wait. We fuss at our kids for being impatient while waiting for their birthday, their meal, their vacation or their turn in the bathroom. But,we adults can act the same way. The Lord’s timing can be a little hard for us to take. […]

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…While We Were STILL Waiting…

So where were we? Oh yea, that’s right. In CA waiting for the birth of grandchild #3.  Waiting.  While waiting for the baby, we were reminded of the simple fact~ babies come out when they’re good and ready. They don’t understand due dates. They don’t understand schedules. They don’t understand about which midwife is on call. […]

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How To Wait for A Baby

In June,  my youngest daughter, Rebekah,  and I hopped a plane to Orange County, CA to visit my oldest daughter, Jana, who was expecting her third child. Because we had plenty of time at the airport, we “rode” the sidewalk a few times. For those of you who are used to the Fargo airport with four terminals […]

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