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That’s IT! I’m Going EMO!

The lack of sunshine during the PNW’s fall and winter  can be a little, well, to be honest, depressing. Especially, when you face the fact that it can rainan average of 37 inches per year.That’s a lot of puddles to splash in with gorgeous rainboots. Especially, when you add the Wikipedia fact thatthere are 100 shades of gray.The PNW wears them […]

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I’m Still an Ol’ Bag

When a new school year starts, we’re all thinking the same thing – if only I were more organized and efficient, I would remember more and accomplish more. We long for that perfect container, perfect shelving system, perfect organizational feature, that will magically transform our chaos into control. In 2010, I blogged through an organizational kick […]

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More S’mores!

For my Amazing Grace’s Graduation last year, I made the cutest little S’more bags ever. If you don’t mind me saying so myself. I vowed to make them again for camping. S’mores Deluxe, coming right up! This Tupperware is old, vintage, almost. It perfectly fits a box of graham crackers, and has been my Graham Cracker […]

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Don’t Spit Me Out!

 There’s nothing better than a drink of cold water on a hot day. If you really think about it, nagging your kids to stay hydrated is Biblical. Well, maybe not the nagging, but providing cold water for them is.  Matthew 10:42   And whoever…gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, […]

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Cavalier County Republican Column Header @MindyJPeltier

True Confessions of a Novelist Wannabe

Since I was in braces I’ve wanted to publish a novel. This is the heading used when I was a teenage columnist for the local newspaper, the Cavalier County Republican in Langdon, ND.   In my  first column I publically admitted I wanted to be a novelist. After college I married Scott and we began a family. During those […]

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Hiking Life’s Path

Hiking should be on every mom’s to-do list. We all have  lists of things we have to do, we all have those lists of things we want to do. This summer, a friend and I decided to cross some of those  want to things off our list. First thing on our list? Hike to Mason […]

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