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Laundry Schmaundry – The Laundry Hamper Rules!

I rule, my laundry hamper drools. Other women like cooking, so they post recipes. I like laundry. I know, I’m weird. If you don’t like doing laundry, I can help you. I would do yours if you lived closer, but since you don’t, I’ll share my secrets of success. Momma Mindy’s Hamper Rules 1. If it ain’t in the […]

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The Lord Spoke to Me

In the Scriptures the Lord spoke through the wind, through a donkey, through a still small voice, through the prophets, through the mouth of babes and through a burning bush. He speaks to His people, but they don’t always listen. Sometimes, when we aren’t listening, He tries a different approach. He’s a gracious, patient God. […]

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It’s the Little Things that Count

Several times a year, my husband takes me to a writing conference to learn the craft and meet published and aspiring writers. He makes arrangements at a nice hotel, we eat at restaurants, and enjoy a weekend get-away. This past weekend we were in Portland to hear Clint Kelly keynote for the Oregon Christian Writers. Sometimes, […]

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never been jilted

Romance fiction writers like the jilted theme.Romance fiction readers like the jilted theme.It feels kinda’ good to sob your way through someone else’s misery. We’re incredulous and horrified that a woman would be jilted,especially at the altar. The jilted lover learns that weeping and begging won’t bring their loved one back.They’re gone forever. The man who jilted […]

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