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Ears Should Hear

  Yeah, the Lord created ears  to hear. We know that. Proverbs 20:12 The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the LORD has made them both. Little kids know that. Husbands don’t always know that. Well, husbands know ears are for hearing, but I’m pretty sure they have a shut-off valve wired in their ears. They know HOW to […]

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Heresy in My Home

As a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing parent, I’ve been careful about what I expose my kids to. (I know you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition,  but I’m tired.) I don’t take my responsibility as a parent lightly, as I understand some day I will stand before the King of Kings and give an […]

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God Doesn’t Always Deliver

In the past year, deliverance was always on my heart and mind. Thousands of Christians were praying for the Innocent Man. I received a small mountain of encouragement, verses sent in emails, texts, Facebook and  recited in person, repeating promises of deliverance.   This YouTube video by Selah blasted from my computer many times. We all believed God […]

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But, Daddy, you PROMISED!

If I heard this once, I heard it a thousand times.   When our kids were very young,my dear hubby would make a promise(like for a horse) and the kids couldn’t patiently wait for the fulfillment. Kids don’t understand details must be arranged  before asks become answers.   Sometimes, Daddy wants to wait for the perfect timing. Sometimes, Daddy wants to bless […]

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Do YOU Attend Sparrow Funerals? God Does.

During Sunday morning’s message, I heard an incredible thought. A heard a verse I’ve known for nearly three decades preached differently.Referring to Matthew 10 the visiting preacher said, “The Lord attends the funeral of every sparrow. How much more He cares about the death of one of His own.” He was teaching verse by verse through Psalm 116, ministering the […]

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How Heavy are YOUR Burdens?

I’ve been thinking a lot about burden bearing these days since I have several major burdens I’m trying to juggle. It’s like hauling around overpacked luggage that will burst at the seams if joustled one more time. If you have a bad job, you can quit. If you make a meal that’s disgusting, you can throw […]

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Lord, Give Me Patience, NOW!

We think of patience as not getting frustrated when our toast lands jelly side down, even it was the last piece of bread in the bag. We think of patience as answering kindly to a toddler who has yelled NO! NO! NO! for the entire morning. We might really think we’re patient if we can wash the […]

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