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I Gotta’ Nag More

The majority of my parenting life was spent feeling guilty for nagging. All those glossy magazines in the doctor’s office advise to stop nagging. They don’t give useful advise on how to get your kids to do their chores be nice to their siblings do their schoolwork put away their toys hang up their coat and […]

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The Sting of Doug Kazen’s Death

Several years ago, a dear older brother from our fellowship gave me two copies of a book he wrote.  I mistakenly thought it was a book preparing a believer for death.  The books were placed on my shelf for future reference. Afterall, I wasn’t planning on preparing for death, I was praising the Lord for keeping my three tiny […]

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What Name Do YOU Value?

My hubby and kids wanted to spoil me one Christmas. They bought fancy red kitchen items for me, new spatulas and various utinsels from a Name Brand Company. For a garage sale, thrift store, dollar store fanatic, this was a big deal. Wow. A kitchen full of shiny, new RED items from KitchenAid. Yea, KitchenAid.  Eat yer’ […]

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Jeremiah Small ~ A Modern Day Martyr

My young daughter asked me a deep question when discussing Jeremiah Small. “Why do you always say martyred instead of murdered when you talk about Jeremiah?” Great question for a 9 year old, who learned the hard way the definition of martyr. She had started the conversation by saying, “Mom, I’ve been thinking about Jeremiah […]

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