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Never, Ever Forget

The traveling Vietnam War Memorial came to the Pacific Northwest a few summers ago. We  had arrived home from Montana that afternoon, but  knew we needed to summon up the energy to give our kids a lesson in life, war, loss and pain. We casually touched weapons that had been hauled through dark, bug-infested, enemy-hiding […]

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Best Parenting Advice

Years ago I asked Ann, mother of nine children, for her best parenting advice. Hoping for a soliloquy, because I needed lotsa’ spiritual ammunition, I was even prepared to take notes. Never one to mince words, she looked me in the eye and said, “Pray about EVERYTHING!” That was it. She didn’t expound other than giving me the example of potty-training, […]

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What About That Toilet Seat?

 Writers wax eloquent about this topic.  Comedians garnish laughs and build their careers by bringing it to light.  Marriage counselors discuss it with struggling couples.  Where two or three married women are gathered, the subject is likely to come up.  Pregnant women are given serious warnings to watch for this behavior by their spouses. Apparently, […]

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Fernando Gave Me Jesus

Years ago, I was in a barren place. I was receiving Bible teaching that consisted of reprimands to an individual or the body and guilt-ridden rebukes for not conforming to a man-ordained  standard. I clung to the Word, but craved Spirit-filled preaching from the Word. My heart longed to be changed by someone who had been in the presence […]

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Too Good To Be True

“It’s too good to be true.” We’ve heard it. We’ve said it. We understand the meaning ~ we’re either skeptical, or about to receive an  unbelievable bargain or blessing. Years ago, when I  made a committment to healthier eating, I wasn’t aware how much it would cost me. At the time, I didn’t imagine I’d end […]

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Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs

My heart had been overwhelmed with physical and spiritual trials. I was crying  out to the Lord, even when  I wasn’t even sure what to ask of Him. Once, a little whisper came to my heart, “Music.  You need music.” The Voice reminded me of a verse I had memorized a few decades ago about psalms and hymns and spiritual […]

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Oh Where is My Scissors?

Other than The Song That Never Ends, there is only one other song I can’t tolerate, Veggie Tales “Where Is My Hairbrush?” Not only are the lyrics and the bouncy tune stuck-in-your-head-forever-and-ever annoying, it’s a simple truth I don’t want to be reminded of. (I know I’m no ‘posed to end a sentence with a […]

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The Unexpected Journey of a Blogging Mommy

I’ve been so very thankful for the love and compassion  shown by my readers during the past year.  Your prayers and your comments have upheld me during a very hard time in my life. When I first started blogging,I intended to be a “mommy blogger”  and sharewhatever the Lord brought into my mommy moments.I envisioned […]

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