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Fine Dining at the Redneck Grill

Ya’ might remember that my hubby and I are misplaced Rednecks, adjusting to the life of city-slickers. We’re learning to enjoy best of both worlds, so I coined the phrase City-Slickin’ Rednecks. City-slicking life has  traffic, horn-honking commutes and a  rapid pace. It takes a lot of energy to live in the city.  Some find it […]

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Just Because Flowers

My husband buys flowers for Valentine’s Day. My husband buys flowers for the first day of school. My husband buys flowers for my birthday. He is smart enough  NOT to buy flowers after a fight, because what wife wants the reminder? But, to be honest, the best kinda’ flowers….. …are the JUST BECAUSE flowers. Flowers Just Because He Loves […]

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Whatcha’ Got in Your Pocket?

I’ve always loved pockets.  As a little girl, pockets were useful for hiding my money from brothers hungry for candy.  As a teenager, I always had a wide-tooth comb tucked into the back pocket of my jeans for a quick fix to my Farrah-do.  As a mom, pockets are a collect-all for random items picked up […]

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