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Pirouette Cookie Tin

Do Ya’ Need A Cuppa’ Coffee?

Spray paint is vogue. Tables, dishes, dressers, chairs, windows, tree branches~ everything is fair game for DIY’ers with itchy trigger fingers. Sometimes, I worry about their kids, especially if they stand still while watching their color-their-world parent with aerosol can in hand. They could end up Smurf blue or Minion yellow. But, I just want ya’ll […]

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Meet Me in the Middle!

Finding the exact middle can be a crucial life skill. I grew up in a large family and we had to share a lot. All the time. Every day. We agonized over trying to perfectly divide a stick of gum or can of pop. My mom wisely ruled that the person who divides chooses last. It prolonged the agony  and scrutiny of dividing, […]

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‘Cuz Quitters Quit

Like a mirage in the desert, my Dream-Come-True loomed in the distance. I almost started running. Remembering my manners, after all I was with my Mom, who taught me manners, and my daughter Rebekah, who I am supposed to be teaching manners, I kept my pace to a really fast walk.  Lightly kicking dirt in their faces,  I arrived at […]

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I Served Garbage for Breakfast

Earlier in the week I confessed I pick my scabs. I have another confession to make. I fed my kids and grandkids garbage for breakfast. It wasn’t organic, free range, gluten-free, or healthy. It was just pure, unadulterated, delicious garbage. Health conscience people are thinking, “You DID NOT feed your kids that garbage!” Sugar freaks […]

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Where in the World was Momma Mindy?

I never enjoyed reading those blog posts that began, “I’m sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I was…..” But, now I have to write one of those blog posts that begin, “I’m sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I was….” busy overwhelmed seeking accepting praying traveling If there’s one thing I finally learned, you can’t be […]

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