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Failure is in the Eyes of the Beholder

  The bigger you dream, the harder you fail.  If you dare share your vision publically, you fail publically. Some of the world’s greatest ambition has been tomatoed by public mockery and shame. Take this quiz.  How well acquainted are you with these men who dared to try? These men were tormented to their faces, […]

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Do You Carry a Blanket Like Linus?

  Anyone who creates anything experiences insecurity. Whether we paint, photograph, sew, craft, carve, cartoon or write we share the same fears – will others appreciate what we birthed? Are we good enough?  Should we quit? Linus, the famous blanket-carrying genius from the Snoopy cartoon, wore his insecurities quietly alongside his intelligence.  You noticed  both, […]

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Walter Cronkite predicting the future impact of computers in our homes.


When we brought home our first computer around 1989, it was like welcoming in a stranger who didn’t speak my language. It was MS-DOS version. Oh, you young ‘uns never worked in a dos environment? Well, It was tough. You had to use the keyboard uphill both ways. It was especially mystical if there weren’t computers in your […]

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