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Learn how to Really RELAX

Relax. Relax! RELAX!

People love to command others to relax. You might hear things like ~   “Lighten up, Francine.” “Hang loose.” “Chill out.” “Take a chill pill.” “Loosen your rubber bands.” “Don’t get your knickers in a knot.”   They’re trying to keep you from having a heart attack or an ulcer,  by encouraging you to not let life […]

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Grieve 2

I Do Not Want to Grieve Quietly

I learned about death as a very young girl.   A neighbor who survived Vietnam was killed in a car accident.  One day he was a tall, dark-haired young man visiting his mother, the weight of the war stooping his once proud shoulders, the next day he was  a memory that haunted the neighborhood. Death is […]

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Doily Heart

Ten Lies About Love

The greatest human need is love. Most people would rather be loved and hungry, than full and alone.  However, there’s confusion when it comes to defining and identifying love.  Even country and rock singers can’t agree about what love is. We’ve all heard the catch-phrases people use for giving heart advice, but some of those glib sayings need to be debunked. 1. Love […]

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I Revealed the Name of a High School Crush on a Meatloaf

Today people tattoo the name of their first crush on their bodies. When I was in high school, I embellished the name of my crush on a meatloaf. Romantic, right? I always thought it was a blessing I grew up in The Olden Days when my stupidest moments in  high school weren’t broadcast through social media. The grapevine probably […]

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