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SO, Whatcha’ Gunna’ Put On Today?

A paradox in parenting is that the one who teaches eventually gets schooled. I spent years teaching my six kids to dress themselves. I rescued little heads stuck in armholes, re-adjusted two legs stuck mermaid style in one pant-leg, and released hair from buttons and zippers. I cheered as they mastered buttons, zippers, Velcro, and drawstrings.  I’ll never forget the relief […]

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@MindyJPeltier Westminster Palace and Big Ben, London

Details Matter In Photography and Life

I stepped through the doorway of the Westminster tube station into the glories of London. It was delightfully overwhelming. Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, Boudicca Statue, River Thames, London Eye, and Westminster Abbey were just the beginning of thrills on this little piece of real estate.   It didn’t take me long to realize photography would be challenging. There were people […]

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