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Look Back to the Future to Set Life Goals @MindyJPeltier

Look Back to the Future to Set Life Goals

A thyroid cancer diagnosis at 40 was an obvious game-changer. Days were spent researching and enduring endless doctor visits. Energy was reserved for priority activities, like baseball games, wrestling matches, and track meets. Closets were ignored, at times along with meals, laundry, and house-cleaning. I had to accept that I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – do it all. The challenging demands of the present were always […]

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9 Reasons Why London Should Thank the Romans

9 Reasons Why London Should Thank the Romans

I love Roman history. One day I was rabbit-trailing through the Internet and discovered the many amazing Roman sites in and around London. I stared at my computer screen, filling my brains with the eye-candy of mosaics, roads, and walls and blurted out, “If only I could go to London!” When I was a homeschooling mom of six  I didn’t get […]

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all. by. myself.

I’m not afraid of spiders. I’m not afraid of mice. I’m not afraid of rats. I’ve shared homes with them all. Not willingly, I fought against their presence to guard my family, but I wasn’t afraid. Annoyed, irritated, inconvenienced and grossed out, but not afraid. They were enemies I could conquer. Fears that lie within […]

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‘Cuz Quitters Quit

Like a mirage in the desert, my Dream-Come-True loomed in the distance. I almost started running. Remembering my manners, after all I was with my Mom, who taught me manners, and my daughter Rebekah, who I am supposed to be teaching manners, I kept my pace to a really fast walk.  Lightly kicking dirt in their faces,  I arrived at […]

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