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Kids’ Imagination Spurs on Creative Service

My ten year old daughter, Rebekah, started our summer off right by making a commitment to serve others. She accepted this challenge from Adventures in Odyssey, Focus on the Family’s Christian kids’ radio program, and signed up for their program called A.C.T.S. I previously blogged that “Kids Who Serve are Winners Not Whiners.” No parent […]

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Ten Things This Generation Might Say to Their Kids

Our kids don’t look like us.  We didn’t look like our parents.  Our parents didn’t look like their grandparents. Sometimes we want our kids to look like us, and it takes much…..umm…..conversation…wisdom….patience…for kids and parents to come to a meeting place where the child is allowed to express their generation and the parent is allowed […]

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Kids Who Serve are Winners not Whiners

  A kid’s definition of summer is “the season  where I sleep in and don’t have any schoolwork.” A mom’s definition of summer is “the season where the kids hang around the house whining because there’s nothing to do.” The lack of structure quickly loses its thrill after a week or two, and moms begin […]

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