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Failure is in the Eyes of the Beholder

  The bigger you dream, the harder you fail.  If you dare share your vision publically, you fail publically. Some of the world’s greatest ambition has been tomatoed by public mockery and shame. Take this quiz.  How well acquainted are you with these men who dared to try? These men were tormented to their faces, […]

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Speaking of Happily Ever After…

  Look at the advice from my Splenda this morning. How did they know it was my anniversary yesterday?  How did they know I needed some new inspiration for the first day of my 28th year of marriage? With any relationship, this is good advice. Children, relatives, neighbors and co-workers could all use the sweetening […]

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What Makes an Anniversary Happy?

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. I’m thankful for the years together, and blessed that we’re still best friends and deeply in love. With the grace and strength from  the Lord, we’re experiencing the marriage we purposed years ago to have. People who don’t know us may  think  our marriage is happy because our life has been […]

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Laughter Doeth the Marriage Well

Not that 24 years makes me an expert, but I think I have learned a few things about marriage. Laughter makes all things better. Sometimes you have to laugh, or you would cry. Marriage is hard because well, uh, because men are men and women are women. I know,  that’s deep. We’re different.  We think differently.  We […]

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MM Meditation – A Good Father

(written Dec. 16, 2005) Trials seem to be the path for Christian maturity. Some trials in our lives are consequences from sin or a bad decision. If you drive impaired, you may get in an accident and harm yourself or others. If you don’t study diligently, you may not succeed in your studies. If you abuse your body […]

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Everyone, especially women, adores love stories with the Happily Ever After Ending. They have this fairy tale idea that the Happy Ever After automatically begins right after the honeymoon.       We’ve all heard the saying “The Honeymoon’s Over.” That saying isn’t without cause. When the wedding planning, the ceremony and the honeymoon are […]

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