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A Few of My Favorite Christmas Things

Anne of Green Gables once said,  “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” If that’s true, this Christmas, there’s a whole lot of flattery going on. Bevy did something beautiful I had to copy-cat. She claims she copied others. Hop back the blog trail we created for some beautiful decorating ideas. I also love imitating Bevy’s faith […]

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Sugarlicious Sugarfest!

On our previous friendly holiday celebration,  Kelly-Across-the-Street and I let our young kids smash things with a hammer. At this event, we were as equally irresponsible, we gave them bowls of candy. Big bowls of candy. We admit a love/hate relationship with the tradition. It’s amazingly fun. It’s a huge amount of sugar. It wouldn’t be quite as fun building […]

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