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I Remember Susie Jaeger @MindyJPeltier

I Remember Susie Jaeger

In the cozy mountain town of Helena, Montana, every summer day was an adventure waiting to unfold for my five siblings and me. Under the watchful care of Mount Helena and the Sleeping Giant, we explored from the perch of our Schwinn banana seat bikes, the playing cards clothespinned in our spokes leaving a clickety echo trail. We swam at the Munic (Municipal Pool), fished […]

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Softball, Easter 312

Fight Right with your Spouse

No matter how happily married, or how many ever-afters they’ve been married, all couples fight. I can already hear some of your horrified reactions, “OH, NO!  We don’t fight!” (These models are highly experienced and well-trained.  Do not try this at home. No spouses were harmed in the photo op.)   I’m not talking about […]

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