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Almost Free Teacher Gifts

I’ve gradually learned thankfulness over the years.  It didn’t come naturally.  For 18 years, my Mom taught me manners, but often I said “thank you”  from compulsion and expectation, not conviction or true appreciation. I knew it was polite, and wanted to be polite, but often I thought that person owed me something, so the thank you was […]

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April Showers….

 …brought a lot of crabby spirits…. a lot of puddles… a lot of cold days…. a lot of weeds… I couldn’t sit out on deck in morning with my coffee and my Bible.  I couldn’t put out the cushions for the deck furniture.  I couldn’t sit through a baseball or softball game without a hat, mittens, […]

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Beka’s Smooth Path of Life

It began with staining the deck. We moved into some spray paint. Little succulents were artistically planted. Then, we took one weather worn child-sized bench from a garage sale, and added one enthusiastic 7 year-old girl who was excited to have her own project. We want the kids to feel that sense of accomplishment, when they are […]

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And It Was Good

Last November, in the middle of a winter sunbreak, I pinched off little pieces of my succulents and tucked them into potting soil. I thought this looked great just as it was,  but they were starts for  creating other arrangements. They hadn’t grown as much as I thought. But they still had promise, and beauty. […]

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