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Look Back to the Future to Set Life Goals @MindyJPeltier

Look Back to the Future to Set Life Goals

A thyroid cancer diagnosis at 40 was an obvious game-changer. Days were spent researching and enduring endless doctor visits. Energy was reserved for priority activities, like baseball games, wrestling matches, and track meets. Closets were ignored, at times along with meals, laundry, and house-cleaning. I had to accept that I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – do it all. The challenging demands of the present were always […]

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Are Your Ambitions Getting Rusty?

We drive life’s highway with our eyes set on an ambition destination. It might be a long-range goal, like a college degree, a particular job, or an award. It could concern a ministry or a relationship. Others are consumed with short-range goals that are building towards a larger goal. Young moms might be fixated on getting a young child to sleep through the […]

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Ten Things Procrastination is Telling You

It was easy for Thomas Jefferson to say, “Never put off ‘till tomorrow what you can do today" because he had a staff of accomplished servants.  He could invent, write and entertain while others washed and ironed his clothes, made his dinner, cleaned his house and tended his estate. At least that’s the excuse I […]

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