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Ya’ Know What SHE Just Did?

We talked about talking about our kids.We talked about talking about our hubbies.It’s time to talk about talking about other people.Ya’ know, the gossiping kinda’ talking. You can hear the snear in the voice when someone says,“Ya’ know what she just did?”   I know you all just repeated this to yourselves, didn’t you? Although when you say […]

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Ya’ Know What My Kid Just Did?!?!

We begin a story this way because the event was so frustrating, if we can’t share and laugh, we’ll cry. OK, maybe we cried first, then chose to laugh later.   I heard about a Miss Princess who used her mom’s new lipstick to write her name on the newly painted wall.   A friend’s precious little Man Cub  flushed his Daddy’s […]

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