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Thanksgiving 032

Preparing Your Heart and Home for Thanksgiving

Do the holidays sneak up on you?  My daughter said, “Mom! Only six weeks until Christmas!” Six weeks?  Last time I checked, I had six months and was feeling the hopeful thrill of actually accomplishing  Martha Stewart type holidays. But, I don’t like to let rush into Christmas and let Thanksgiving go by unnoticed, since […]

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Putting Creativity on My List

Remember this piece of fabric? I bought it  just after our 16 year old daughter cooked our amazing Thanksgiving feast last year, in preparation for this year’s celebration. I had to start early. My mother-in-law is coming. She’s so amazing, she could make Martha Stewart cringe in shame. . I blogged about my preparations when  I had 216 days […]

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216 Days Until…

…Thanksgiving. Yes, I am counting the days until Thanksgiving.  In fact, in honor of counting the days until other momentous occasions I have in my life, I added a “How Many Days Until” Gadget on my sidebar.  Go ahead, help yourself.  Drop by and use it whenever you need. I’m a good sharer. You’re probably wondering […]

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