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What’s For Dinner?

The same  question haunts me daily. No matter how many loads of laundry I’ve washed, how many weeds I’ve pulled, how many errands I’ve done, it’s never enough. There’s always demand for one more task in my day. I could swim the seven seas,scale Mountwashmore,and cross off 29 things on my To-Do List. Still the […]

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Why You Should Let Kids In The Kitchen

Time after time, I’ve blogged about the messes my kids made in the kitchen. I’ve had  burned steaks and a melted cutting board. My burner covers have been charcoaled beyond salvation. I’ve had spilled spices and broken eggs. But, there’s always, always, always,   payback after all the cleanup. Homemade Krispy Kreme Donuts? MMM GOOD! Strawberry Shortcake? DELICIOUS! The best […]

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The 48 Hour Attack on Thanksgiving

This year my daughter, Bethany, volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Her forte is  procrastinated organization. . She didn’t do anything until 48 hours prior to the holiday. On Tuesday she wrote out her menu plan and shopping list, shopped, and made three pies, two pumpkin, one sweet potato. . Wednesday evening she prepared the side dishes, roasted […]

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