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Skills Moms Can’t Put on a Resume

I’ve been a Mommy for 26 years. I know lotsa’ stuff. I’ve earned my gray hair, wrinkles and the jelly-belly that looks like a road map. I feel called to give away some of my hard-earned wisdom and reveal to the younger generation the skills needed to survive this arduous occupation. There are many qualifications […]

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Going EMO

It’s that time of year, when we start going EMO. I don’t mean the depressed, black look with hair hanging in my eyes. I mean EVERY MOMENT OUTSIDE. I blogged about this a year ago today, and the weather has been reminding me of my yearly resolution. After all, the rains are coming soon, and […]

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Taking My Vitamins

Winters are hard for me. A sun-loving Norwegian transplanted into the Pacific Northwest eight years ago, I don’t get as much sun as I need. We have an average of 226 cloudy days each year.You do the math.The sun doesn’t shine much. Due to lack of sun and  lack of thyroid,  winter  finds my Vitamin D  and […]

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Jesus Understands Mommies’ Problems

Moms of little ones might read the Bible and think that the Lord Jesus can’t relate to her everyday life with diapers, pacis and wearing bodily fluids. Granted, there aren’t verses on how to calm and encouraging during potty training. There aren’t specific verses about the stamina needed to break a child of a biting […]

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Sometimes I’m A Bad Mommy

Sometimes, I’m a bad Mommy. Sometimes, I let the kids eat ice cream before dinner. Sometimes, I let the kids eat ice cream instead of dinner. Sometimes, I buy a new toy, even though it isn’t their birthday, or Christmas, or any holiday. Sometimes, I get  so excited, I run outside in my socks. Sometimes, I […]

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I’m a Highly Skilled Domestic Engineer

I always knew  being a mother would take incredible skill and stamina. I knew  my endurance would be tested beyond imagination and I would have to dig deep within my personal knowledge and resources to develop highly important problem-solving strategies. I knew  the functionality and the efficiency of the household was going to depend on […]

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