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How to Git the Honey-Do List Dun

Warm weather  and weekends are for projects, or so women think. Warm weather and weekends are for relaxing, or so men think. Spring is getting closer and our Honey-Do Lists are getting longer. The longer the list gets, the higher chance you have for marital conflict.  I asked my husband for his insight on the  […]

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I’m Still an Ol’ Bag

When a new school year starts, we’re all thinking the same thing – if only I were more organized and efficient, I would remember more and accomplish more. We long for that perfect container, perfect shelving system, perfect organizational feature, that will magically transform our chaos into control. In 2010, I blogged through an organizational kick […]

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Flying Frantic – Organize with Tote Bags

 While flying frantically through your busy life, it’s possible to organize your life and responsibilities with tote bags. Tote bags?? I can hear you questioning my wisdom. Tote bags are the answer to the always-late, forgot-something, don’t-have-a-pen-or-tissue syndrome busy women have? Yes, tote bags. My husband lovingly calls me The Ol’ Bag Lady partly in jest […]

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Bind Us Together

I am one who likes to be organized. Actually, I love to be organized. I don’t function well when things are not organized. I like to know where things are and where they go when I am done with them. I long for my family to have that same passion. They don’t, yet. My organizational […]

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