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My Life Has No Wordly Value

I was determined to clean out a junk drawer stuffed with paperwork. Stuff I’d put off for years. Really, years. I’m embarrassed to say there were  unsent wedding and graduation cards, lists I’d never accomplished, papers to be filed, and things procrastinated into irrelevance. Only one paper didn’t nag me about my inability to get stuff done. […]

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Cancer Update

I’ve been waiting weeks for the lab results concerning the thyroid cancer discovered in January 2010 – my third occurance in five years.  (I had a surgery June 05 to remove cancerous thyroid and lymph nodes and had my second surgery April 09 to remove two small cancerous tumors.) In February , after weeks of preparation,  my body rejected radio-active […]

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Gethsemane Moments

After 22 days of low-iodine diet, I was finally ready for the next diagnostic step. The night before, I felt that heavy weight that burdens my heart when I know I am facing something hard. This week of testing will determine treatment for my third round of thyroid cancer. I call them my Gethsemane moments. I would love for the cancer cup […]

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Plans for an Unplanned Journey

Six years ago, we left 40 years of midwest living  and moved to the westcoast.  It was a planned journey. Very planned. We packed, organized, gave away things. We sold our house and arranged to rent a new one.  I returned all my friends’ Tupperwares, my daughters returned their friends’ clothes. We even returned our […]

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