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Platform Building Ideas Presented on Pinterest

I was surprised to discover most writers are introverts. Because I’m obnoxious an extrovert, I assumed all writers were. Surprise!  When I first started attending writers meetings  years ago, I met many quiet, well-behaved people.  I actually think writers are  so busy talking to their imaginary characters and creating scenes in their minds, they can […]

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How to Make It Easy for Pinners to Visit Your Blog

Last week my guest blogger, Kim Vandel, introduced the Pin It Bookmarklet. It was awesome to learn a new Cool Tool by reading my own blog!  Gentle Readers, today she has a tip in using Pinterest to gain readers, not just pinners.  Kim Vandel is a writer and voracious reader from the Seattle suburbs, and […]

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Keeping Face on Your Facebook Page

    In the olden days, a snake oil salesmen  would stand on a homemade wooden platform in the town center, gather a crowd,  and pitch his product. If the product worked, the townspeople would let the guy hang around. If it didn’t work, he took his platform, his product, the people’s money, and ran […]

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