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What Makes an Anniversary Happy?

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. I’m thankful for the years together, and blessed that we’re still best friends and deeply in love. With the grace and strength from  the Lord, we’re experiencing the marriage we purposed years ago to have. People who don’t know us may  think  our marriage is happy because our life has been […]

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Are You Listening, LORD?

We’ve all had times when we think the Lord isn’t listening to our prayers.  We’re in good company with David, ya’ know, King David, the man after God’s own heart? Read the cry of his heart in Psalm 102. In verse 4 he’s so depressed  and distressed  he says,   “I forget to eat my bread.” In […]

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Best Parenting Advice

Years ago I asked Ann, mother of nine children, for her best parenting advice. Hoping for a soliloquy, because I needed lotsa’ spiritual ammunition, I was even prepared to take notes. Never one to mince words, she looked me in the eye and said, “Pray about EVERYTHING!” That was it. She didn’t expound other than giving me the  example of potty-training, […]

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She Had a Another Dream

Amazing Grace had a dream. It was a real “I’m asleep and stuff is going on in my head” kinda’ dream, not an “I’m awake but I am imagining how I can change the world” kinda’ dream. She was sleeping. She dreamed something. Then, she woke up with a passion to follow the dream. Grace […]

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