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5 Annoying Things People Say @MindyJPeltier

5 Annoying Things People Say

Every day people say annoying things. They’re meaningless and pointless rote lines that replace real compassion and conversation. It’s extra bothersome when you have a heavy or weary heart, when life has beaten you down so far you long for real concern.     If I’m having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, how can a trite saying make […]

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Fight Right with your Spouse

No matter how happily married, or how many ever-afters they’ve been married, all couples fight. I can already hear some of your horrified reactions, “OH, NO!  We don’t fight!” (These models are highly experienced and well-trained.  Do not try this at home. No spouses were harmed in the photo op.)   I’m not talking about […]

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Speaking of Happily Ever After…

  Look at the advice from my Splenda this morning. How did they know it was my anniversary yesterday?  How did they know I needed some new inspiration for the first day of my 28th year of marriage? With any relationship, this is good advice. Children, relatives, neighbors and co-workers could all use the sweetening […]

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