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Where in the World was Momma Mindy?

I never enjoyed reading those blog posts that began, “I’m sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I was…..” But, now I have to write one of those blog posts that begin, “I’m sorry I disappeared for awhile, but I was….” busy overwhelmed seeking accepting praying traveling If there’s one thing I finally learned, you can’t be […]

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Do YOU Attend Sparrow Funerals? God Does.

During Sunday morning’s message, I heard an incredible thought. A heard a verse I’ve known for nearly three decades preached differently.Referring to Matthew 10 the visiting preacher said, “The Lord attends the funeral of every sparrow. How much more He cares about the death of one of His own.” He was teaching verse by verse through Psalm 116, ministering the […]

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Just Keep Praying! Just Keep Praying!

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve prayed for something for a long time. Humans love to mark moments, hours, days, and months on our calendars, schedules and electronic devices. Clocks metronome time for us, so we can stay on track.  Dominating time means success. The Lord doesn’t measure His work by the passage of time, but by […]

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