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Kids and Temper Tantrums by @MindyJPeltier, mom of 6

Kids and Temper Tantrums

Nobody likes watching temper tantrums. A squalling public display can induce even a staunch non-spanker to mumble under their breath, “That kid needs a good spanking!” Tiny tyrants (ours or others) affect shopping trips, restaurant dinners, family reunions, and movies. Even Sunday morning worship can induce fervent prayer. “Help that mom discipline her kid!” “Make that kid […]

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Anger and Temper-Tantrums

To correct temper-tantrums we need a Biblical definition and understanding of anger. (First read part one called Mommies and Temper-Tantrums.) We think of anger as getting mad. This is only partially true.  In the Bible, it’s a strong feeling against sin; a righteous judgement against sin.  Anger is not a sin, uncontrollable anger is. Correct anger has […]

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Mommies and Temper-Tantrums @MindyJPeltier

Mommies and Temper-Tantrums

Temper-tantrums are an obvious sign of anger. There can be name-calling, door-slamming, yelling, and lashing out at others.  It’s easy to spot, hard to subdue, but easily recognized as sin. The kettle is boiling over, but you can relieve the pressure, clean up the mess, and dinner can still be saved. Anger can also be displayed as frustration, with exagerated sighs, fidgeting movements, […]

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