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The Unexpected Journey of a Blogging Mommy

I’ve been so very thankful for the love and compassion  shown by my readers during the past year.  Your prayers and your comments have upheld me during a very hard time in my life. When I first started blogging,I intended to be a “mommy blogger”  and sharewhatever the Lord brought into my mommy moments.I envisioned […]

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Six Month Cancer Check-Up

For new readers or readers who have forgotten the details of my thyroid cancer journey, (that’s OK, it’s been over 7 years, my own family has a hard time keeping track of the details) I’ll give a brief history. (according to Wikipedia, this is what papillary thyroid cancer looks like) Living with cancer isn’t quiet as pretty. June 2005 thyroid and lymph […]

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Pampered by the Chefs

Jon was my personal baking chef during the 25 days of low iodine diet required before the thyroid uptake scan. He began by making a few delicious loaves of banana bread from the Low Iodine Cookbook compiled by the Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association.  His heart to serve me and make my time more pleasant was such an encouragement […]

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